The Islamic Society of Greater Portland (ISGP) is the oldest official Muslim organization in Oregon. It aims to provide an environment for social engagement and friendship between Muslims.


We, the Muslims of Greater Portland area, have agreed to and adopted the following constitution and do hereby establish an organization to be managed and run under the guidance of Quran and Sunnah. A “Muslim” in the context of this organization is any person who holds true the five basic pillars of Islam and participates in all religious activities of the organization, including the congregational prayers.


The name of the organization shall be The Islamic Society of Greater Portland, hereinafter referred to as I.S.G.P. or the Society.


The Society shall be a non-profit organization, to promote closer understanding among all Muslims in the Greater Portland area and to strengthen bonds of friendship and brotherhood among them,to carry out activities and projects related to religious, social, charitable, and educational aspects of the life of the community, to foster cordial relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims and to promote the understanding of Islam among non-Muslims, to increase outreach programs with government agencies, officials, and interfaith organizations.


The membership of the Society shall consist of the following categories: any adult Muslim who wants to participate in the affairs of the Society can become a member and shall pay the annual membership dues, amember shall have the right to vote, an Associate Member in which any individual interested in and sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the Society, an associate member shall have no voting rights. Finally, a Honorary Member and could be any person who has rendered distinguished service to the Muslim community of Greater Portland area, honorary member shall have no voting rights.

Our Schedule

Prayer Timings


Dawn Prayer 5:43 PM


Sunrise Time 7:15 PM


Noon Prayer 2:15 AM


Afternoon Prayer 7:09 AM


Sunset Prayer 9:14 AM


Evening Prayer 10:46 AM